This is why I hate people

So… where to start? How about at the beginning, does that seem like a good place? Yeah? No? …Any-hoo!

You see, I’ve been a writer for many’a year now, and I’d like to think that I’m a nice guy, with a humongous shattered mess inside of him, but a nice guy, at the end of it all. Let’s rewind to the end of 2010, you remember those days, when the movie Inception was baffling minor minds, and there was that Ke$ha song – Tik-Tok that would still ring in out eardrums within eight short years.

But back to why I hate people. In the year 2010 I was still an up-and-coming writer, I had just received my song writing contract for a huge label in Nashville, Texas, America. So I had gained a few eyes of people’s scouting my scourge or looking for an easy pay-day/win. This is when I liked people. Now, I’m not a person who seeks/writes for a any type of pay, you guys are pay enough.

But back then, I wrote for quite a few fellow men and women, with Novellas, short stories, poetry, manuscript ideas and screenplays. And I asked for nothing in return, BARRING, a nod, a shout-out, a high-five or simply put… A thank you, if they were ever to make it to the big time.

Let’s just say, I helped create a business woman into a virtuoso-writer and helped co-write (75% or more) a screenplay for literacy’s new rising writing star. My heart went out to her, she deserves it, why wouldn’t I be a nice person, she was double my age and I carved her imagination so she could try at it.

So here’s where the coin flips… You all know what’s coming, don’t laugh or smirk, c’mon. I got in contact with her, no connection anywhere. Finally, she still has her social media – so I pinged her a quick message and you know what I got in return. Pretty much, her telling me “Thanks for everything, see you whenever.” I spent years assisting her and now I’m given the middle finger.

I’m not saying it’s all people, most of the people I have partnered up with on a writing project have kept their promises. I guess… Your best friends can also be your best enemies.

Luckily you’re not someone who’d do that, right.

Stay shiny and good to one-another.

I’ll be back soon.