Exorcising The Evil Out Onto The Page

Yes, that's me in the picture... Let me begin. Live a moment in my unmovable momentous monument, it might merit your millennia, like it did mine. Seeing sycophants, building psycho fans with their slippery rants, they’ll all need to switch their pants when they get the chance, because the King has returned, skinned burned, skinny … Continue reading Exorcising The Evil Out Onto The Page

As a Writer, What We All Expect…

As a writer just like you, I do hope for a literary agent one day. I guess we all have that dream to be up to the same stance as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Edgar Allen Poe or even Jackie Collins... So on and so forth. But While I wait here at Rock-Bottom or at … Continue reading As a Writer, What We All Expect…

The Broken One

I’m the type of kid who doesn’t belong here; I stick out like a sore thumb. They tried to fix me, didn’t work; now they are biting nails around me waiting to see how much I can stamp on these pages before I snap off for good. How much is enough to call enough-is-enough? I … Continue reading The Broken One

Writers Of The World Should Raise Hell

They’re coming to take me away to the funny-farm; I’m up-in-arms, hooray! The dark clouds are forming above; Hells-mouth is foaming for a taste of me beneath, especially when I drive my evil pen through these skinned sheets. They call me bad names, they call me ugly, that’s cool, because so are you! How I … Continue reading Writers Of The World Should Raise Hell

The Experiment – Story

The date was unknown. Where to start? Probably my earliest memory; all I can remember is a white room with an enormous blacked out window, the door to the room was camouflaged within the wall. I know I was a child as I do remember throwing my building blocks and my favourite book, the dictionary, … Continue reading The Experiment – Story

How To Write Successful Fiction

Where to start? Where to start? ...If you cannot pull fantasy from reality, click on a clothes website or some porn now because I will be wasting my time.... I’ll wait until your granny porn page has loaded....... Okay, now those losers have skedaddled, what I am going to tell you will help you come … Continue reading How To Write Successful Fiction

This is why I hate people

So... where to start? How about at the beginning, does that seem like a good place? Yeah? No? ...Any-hoo! You see, I've been a writer for many'a year now, and I'd like to think that I'm a nice guy, with a humongous shattered mess inside of him, but a nice guy, at the end of … Continue reading This is why I hate people

Medicine Time

The walls are closing in on me, time to expand my mind again; my last defence against the grim pace of life. I have finally put the knife down and picked up a pen and a handful of pills, cracking open my skull and throwing my brains at the paper, so this world can call … Continue reading Medicine Time

The Serial Killer – Part Two

I kill and mangle insides without a second thought but... I love my daughter, Grace, more than life itself. I do wonder sometimes while she is within my arms if she will ever amount to being a monster like her mother. “Mommy’s going to work, come give her a kiss.” I urge from the hallway. … Continue reading The Serial Killer – Part Two